STEP ONE: Install the app from the APP Store.  Open the app.  Create an account.

Pairing Instructions_001.jpg

STEP TWO: Select "ALLOW" to receive alerts and notifications on your mobile device.  Make sure Bluetooth is turned ON. Then tap the + icon to look for your power bank.  You will need to be within 30 feet to find your power bank.  When you see your power bank, tap on GoPlug.

STEP Three: Name your power bank, then tap save.  Although you'll see the power bank you named, the power bank is still not paired.

STEP FOUR: To pair your power bank to your mobile device, turn your power bank on and put the toggle selection to APP mode.  Then, with a small pointed object, push in the "BT" button until the blue blinking light turns on.

STEP FIVE: The "Connecting" status will disappear and you will be prompted to "Pair" the device.  Select "Pair".  Once the device is paired, the "BT" light will turn to red.  The "BT" light will remain red whenever the device is being used with the app.

Your device is now paired and you can begin using your power bank and app.