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Airline smart luggage ban will be a real headache for travelers

If you own any high-tech “smart” luggage and travel with it on planes, you may have a problem.

American Airlines, Delta, and Alaska Airlines announced on Wednesday, December 6, that if the battery is built into the luggage and cannot be removed, you won’t be able to take it onto the aircraft.


The GoPlug Journey

Josh Cross started his career in post-production for stop motion films, working on projects in Hollywood with superstars such as producer Ron Howard, video producers Will Vinton and Brian Grazer, and actor/comedian Eddie Murphy, Richard Dreyfuss.

He enjoyed the work, he said, but wasn’t finding a lot of meaning or purpose in it. That’s when he moved to Utah to join the edtech company Imagine Learning. There, he started a video department that focused on telling stories about inequality in education. He and his team created over 8,000 videos for the product and in locations across the globe.

Josh didn’t know it at the time, but his career trajectory was far from over.

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