When we started GoPlug a little over two years ago, we set out to to fill a void in the travel industry by creating the most innovative and technologically advanced power bank for on-the-go professionals.  We did just that and were recognized by CES with an Innovation Award. 

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Ten years ago, power banks were introduced as a solution to extend the battery life of a cell phone. With the increased use of tablets, e-readers, laptops, and smartphones in our daily life, the need for larger capacity power banks is growing-- no matter your need, we've got you covered!

Just as important as the power we built is the technology embedded in each power bank.  Although some may say this technology is overkill, here are reasons we believe it’s necessary:

  • According to the airline information technology company SIFA, 21.6 million bags were mishandled (lost or temporarily mislaid) in 2016. That’s a cost of $2.1 billion to the airline industry, not to mention, an enormous cost to travelers.  

  • Travel Insurance Review states that nearly 14,000 travelers each year report items missing from their luggage, backpack, or purse. These figures still do not account for the true total of thefts, because the process of reporting these crimes is cumbersome and time-consuming and many travelers discover the theft much later in their trip. With the GoPlug power supply placed in bags, luggage, purse or other valuables, alert notifications will be sent to the user’s mobile phone the moment their device moves.

Although providing power to people on-the-go is important, we knew the product could serve a greater purpose by providing low wattage power for the nearly 1.3 billion underprivileged people in the world living without electricity. 

Statistics show that access to electricity has a positive impact on a wide range of factors influencing people in rural communities. These include improved health, access to communication and information, better educational facilities, economic prosperity, and increased standard of living.  In order to help combat this energy crisis, we became part of the Greentown Labs community!

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Greentown Labs is the largest clean-tech start-up incubator in the country.  Greentown Labs is comprised of passionate entrepreneurs solving big energy and environmental problems. Our startups represent the engineers, business experts, physicists, chemists, botanists, roboticists and other industry pioneers who are working day and night to build the next product to address society’s environmental challenges.

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