GoPlug bags is a design and Technology company based in beautiful utah, usa. we create powered bags and accessories for a mobile, untethered world.

the story

Founder and CEO, Josh Cross, spends nearly six months out of each year on the road for business. Much of that time is spent from one airport and hotel to the next. Josh explains, "Even when I’m away from home, my business continues without me, and staying connected is a necessity.  Finding a power source in a busy airport can be a nightmare."

Cross’s innovation is a classic case of necessity as the mother of invention. A seasoned filmmaker with 15 years of experience producing digital media for fortune 500 companies, Cross is well acquainted with the frustration of losing power. “Life should not be restricted by the life of a battery,” Cross explains.” No other powering devices I’ve tried integrate with bags sufficiently or supply adequate power.” Thus, out of exasperating experience, GoPlug Bags was born.